liska henglein

hey there, you found some of my work.

home is where one starts from

Home as a feeling describes many different individual sensations and experiences. Home can be associated with warmth and intimacy as well as longing and wanderlust.  Home is more than just a place.  It´s not merely a house or a room that makes us feel safe and free at the same time, it is the people who have accom-panied us since we first opened our eyes, the friends who live in the neighborhood, the smells, the sound of our mothers voice, the toys, the environment, the certainty of being who you want to be and much more. For children (the feeling of) home embodies their start in life.  The constant security of a familiar place, stable relationships and daily routines make it possible for children to deal with change and the endless stream of new impressions and experiences their early life consists of.